Modernized interface and increased automation helps providers improve technician productivity and business efficiency

BOSTON, MA—September 26, 2018Continuum®, the exclusive provider of the only service-enabled technology platform that enables MSPs to scale rapidly and profitably, today announced the latest updates to its IT management platform, which include a modernized user interface (UI) and improved performance across Continuum’s core product line. Continuum’s vice president of Product, Fielder Hiss, unveiled the platform upgrades during his presentation at Navigate 2018, the company’s annual user conference currently being held in Boston, MA.

Today’s IT service providers are facing market pressures from both their end-customers and the workforce, with customers demanding increasingly complex and high-value services while systemic labor shortages necessitate strides in productivity and efficiency. Recognizing the needs of its partners, Continuum is rolling out new features, workflows and user interfaces for its IT management platform designed to radically improve technician productivity.

“Over the past year, our team has been working alongside partner technicians to understand how best to improve their day-to-day work,” said Fielder Hiss, vice president of Product, Continuum. “The modernization of our IT management platform has been designed to reflect the task-centric, high-demand workload of those technicians. With increased, customizable automation, the incorporation of our industry-first Intellimon technology and a modern, intuitive user experience, we’re confident that our partners have an IT management platform to deliver efficient, profitable and best-in-class services to their customers.”

At the heart of these new features is automation, which has been expanded across the platform to provide technicians with intuitive and workflows, minimizing their time-to-completion while improving their outcomes with clients. These improvements include the expansion of Intellimon, Continuum’s intelligent alerting technology, as well as new scripting and more robust logic to automate processes to an end-state outcome rather than through singular tasks.

The updates, which follow Continuum’s 2018 rollout of improvements to its desktop management solution, have been developed in collaboration with partners and rolled out by the company’s dedicated in-house User Experience team. With MSPs needing to support the diverse requirements of their clients, today’s announcement showcases Continuum’s ongoing commitment to providing partners with a high performance, MSP-centered IT management platform.

“The Continuum platform has always allowed us to provide great support to our clients,” said Todd Petersen, Managed IT Specialist, Arvig. “With the new platform enhancements, our team has become even more time-efficient and our technicians are accomplishing more every day. It’s a clear reflection of how Continuum works closely with partners to continuously improve the platform, and we always look forward to each new release.”

“Our continuous interaction and collaboration with partners ensures that their valuable feedback is translated into our product updates,” said Hiss. “Ultimately, their voices are at the heart of Continuum’s product roadmap.”

Continuum's updated products will begin rolling out from Q4 2018. For more information, visit


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